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The Watchung Chamber of Commerce Kicks-Off its First Meeting

Helping Businesses Bloom

July 22, 2021

THE BOROUGH OF WATCHUNG, NEW JERSEY - The Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce has partnered with businesses in Watchung to launch the Watchung Chamber of Commerce. They say bloom where you are planted. In the Borough of Watchung, people don't just live here, they make a life for themselves. Watchung is known for its small-town feel, with a lot going for it. Nowadays, it is so rare for people to work in the same town that they live in. What these business owners share is the desire to support one another and their town. The issue just lies in how. Even in a small town, much of the business world does not know each other. Now more than ever, small businesses, especially in a small town, need to stick together.

Council Member Daryl Eisenberg Knegten explained, "We are so proud to partner with the Gateway Chamber to make the Watchung Chamber of Commerce a reality. Now, we have the luxury of being an independent, community-focused chamber with the infrastructure and support of a much larger organization. The Watchung Chamber of Commerce keeps an open avenue of communication between the municipal government and local businesses so that the needs of businesses within Watchung can be promptly addressed. The Chamber also provides visibility, assistance, and facilitates the relationship between the Borough, local organizations, and business owners to maximize our community's resources.

"Too often over the past three years, I have found myself wishing there was an easy way to get feedback and support from local businesses. A clear channel and open forum for business leaders in our community will streamline so many future endeavors for our local organizations and let Watchung demonstrate real leadership in supporting our business community," she said.

During the pandemic, people and businesses everywhere were in shambles. Many struggled to survive, let alone start a business and thrive without the support of their community. The Watchung Chamber of Commerce prides itself on being an elite, interactive organization aiming to build businesses to great lengths, by simultaneously building connections.

This association unlocks a limitless number of possibilities and resources. With members ranging anywhere from a reliable orthopedic surgeon, to trusted hair salon, or even just your good ol' fashioned ice cream parlor, the opportunities for engagement are endless.

The chamber is hosting a breakfast social at Watchung's own Water and Wine Ristorante (141 Stirling Rd., Watchung, NJ 07069) at 9:15 am on August 13th.

Throughout the year, the chamber will meet on the third Friday of the month. In addition to a whole plethora of gatherings, the Watchung Chamber is eager to give small businesses big opportunities.

For more information on becoming a member of the Watchung Chamber of Commerce, visit our website at and follow us on Instagram @WatchungChamber.

About the Watchung Chamber of Commerce

The Watchung Chamber of Commerce is managed and overseen by the Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce. The Gateway Chamber was founded in 1911 to represent and advance the business interests of its members. Gateway is an umbrella organization for 10 different local chambers and business associations. It facilitates fundraising events, sponsorship opportunities, and local community outreach. In May 2021, the Gateway Chamber joined forces with the Borough of Watchung and Watchung business leaders to establish the Watchung Chamber of Commerce. For the first time ever, the Watchung Chamber will be present on social media in part of its mission of promoting an interactive, transparent community.